Must Have Plugins for WordPress

I decided to make my own plugin list for WordPress that is popular between bloggers. It was said that the Blogspot has been developed so much in seminar that I participated in last days. I wonder how it is but WordPress is developing faster and faster day by day and it makes me surprised.

  1. Sayfa İçeriği

    All in One SEO Pack

I will also write antoher article about SEO but if you want to be shown in the search queries in Google, you have two options. One of them is Yoast SEO Pack, another is All in One SEO Pack. When I first published this blog, I used the Yoast but it was so confusing. Thus I decided to use All in One SEO Pack due to the fact that I have limited time.


  1. Disqus

It is the plug-in of comment system. If you fed up with some spam comments, it is up to you. Most of the people who is using WordPress are using it.


  1. SEO Friendly Images

This is the plug-in that adds alt description to your images for Google search results. Thus your images can be shown in Google image results and you can get traffic.


  1. Social Login

This plug-in allows your users to use Facebook and Twitter to comment or login.


  1. W3 Total Cache

It is the plug-in that allows your pages to be faster. It uses caching and minimizes the Javascripts. Sometimes it can be incompatible with some themes or plug-ins but it is worth to use.


  1. Contact Form 7

If your theme doesn’t serve you any contact form plug-in, this one is easy to use when your users want to contact with you.


  1. Google Analytics for WordPress

If you don’t know where to put the Analytics code, use this plug-in


  1. Font

It is the plugin that you can edit fonts of your theme and their colors easily.


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