Should I Pass on Windows 8? What are differences?

Although I am trying to use MacOS and Mac in my home and other places, I am using PC and Windows in the office. Thus I am trying to use the high performance operating system. In this article I will try to show the differences between Win7 and Win8.

After Windows 8 was released, some of the people criticized while others praised. I wanted to experience on my own. I always want to use the latest version of operating systems and software. It happened the same in Windows 8. After it was released, I backup my files and documents in C drive and formatted it. I installed Windows 8. There are no strange points in the format or installation progress. Insert the DVD and boot the PC. After booting, we format the C disk and install Windows 8 on it. I feel that the installation time of Windows 8 is a little bit faster than Windows 7. Graphics have been developed with the Windows 8. Designers must have thought that they are being seemed as minimal. We can probably see these kind of unique designs from Microsoft.

When Windows starts up, a totally different world is waiting for us. The interface calling “metro” is totally different from any other traditional ones.


In the picture above, you can see the interface that is my own. You can add the softwares that you use frequently into this menu. However, there is no more space in aspect of graphic. For example, there are two types of buttons; one of them is wider, another one is square. We can probably make all of the buttons wider in the future. I wanted to make the Photoshop button wider but I couldn’t do.

This interface is great for the people who are using Tablet PC or PC with touch-screen. However, the traditional PC user cannot get used to it. You can open your desktop with the “Desktop” button on the left side of your screen. The main difference is that there is no “Start Menu” in Windows 8.


After you see the desktop, you can continue to experience your traditional Windows habits. For example, I couldn’t get the automatic grouping feature in taskbar of Windows 7. I am still using it as in traditional Windows operating systems. However, I do like the transparency feature that comes with the Aero. I choose my desktop background photo in gray or black tones of color. I also change it frequently.

I want to tell you about the tips in Metro interface.

How can we attach the icon of new softwares?

First of all, we open the metro interface. You can do this task by pressing the Windows button on your keyboard or using CTRL+ESCAPE(ESC) combination. After opening the metro interface, you need to find the program that you want to attach. To do it, put your mouse marker on the right side of your screen and click on the “Search” button. This section of the OS is designed like MacOS and quite fast. I wish that the older versions of Windows had the search function as faster as in Win 8. After you find the program you search, right click on it and click on the “Pin to Start”. If you want you can click “Pin to Taskbar” but this function attaches the program in the classic taskbar of Windows. At this point, we want to attach it in the metro interface. I showed how to attach “VLC Player” in metro interface below.



Full Screen Softwares

One of the features that come with Windows 8 is full screen softwares. You can access those softwares with the Store in Windows 8. It is like AppStore. After some while, there will be too many softwares for Win 8 but for now, they are limited. When I choose to install Skype, the wider icon of Skype is attached in metro interface automatically. We can say that the softwares in the Store have some priorities.


The opening phase of the Store that I mentioned is like above. When you open it, you can see the categorized softwares. As an example, I went to the photograph category and found the “Corel Draw”.


Should I Change My Operating System with Windows 8?

Yes, absolutely. I can clearly say that it is faster while using any kind of softwares or working on traditional desktop. It can be different depending on the version. I am using Windows 8 64Bit. If you use SSD hard disk, it can also be faster. I am using SSD in my Mac and I can say that it is really faster. However, I do not need performance in office. If you like performance and graphics and to use the latest versions of systems, Windows 8 is up to you..


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