Here it is, Nikon D600, and My First Impressions

Today, my Nikon D600 has been delivered and I am glad to get a new tow. Not only the camera, but also the lens is new to me. I found an opportunity to take some photos with this camera while I am turning back to my home and now I will tell my first impressions about it.


In the article, “Which Full Frame? Why Did I Choose the Nikon D600?”, I have covered the causes of my selection of Nikon D600. Until this camera is delivered, I made too many research and care some problems that I do not care now such as powdering, contamination and tallowing. I was also thinking to sell the D600 and buy D800. However, after talking with my friend Gökhan with whom I work at, I changed my mind. Someone says same things about Canon 5D but I took the best of my photos with it.

It was the morning when Nikon D600, a nes 24-85 VR and Nikon 16mm, was delivered. I couldn’t find any chances to open the box until 15:00. However, when it was 15:00, I opened the box, put the manual somewhere else, inserted the battery to the camera, inserted the 16mm’I to the camera and I was ready to take shoots. Whichever camera that I am using or however experienced I am, I read the user manual to understand how to use a new toy completely. I also suggest everyone to read the manual, you can solve %80 of the problems in your mind.

Nikon 16mm f/2,8 was my first fish-eye lens. Due to wedding ceremony shoots, I bought this one but it is completely different world for people who are using narrow angles and see everything with 85mm eyes such as, me. First of all, this lens has smaller sizes and is lightweight. It reduces the total weight of the body that is already lightweight. Honestly, I liked it very much. The effect of the lens is not so exaggerated; it acts like a fisheye lens. You don’t have too many chances when you want to buy a new full-frame. Either you buy 10,5 mm and use it in DX mode or buy 16mm and use it as FX. I prefer the second one. Due to the fact that this lens is f2,8 which is making this lens faster.

İşte D600'üm
İşte D600’üm

Let’s talk about Nikon D600. As an old D700 user, my expectations were not so high. I was just expecting the body that has video feature and better ISO. However, Nikon D600 made me surprised and excited. The exposure of the camera is quite good. You can see the picture that I took the photo of seller of roasted chestnuts today between Sirkeci and Üsküdar. I am using manual exposure. It may be a habit or loving to take a control over the camera. However, this camera made me surprised. Although D700 is a camera that is quite good, it couldn’t exposure like D600. The focusing speed is quite better too. The performance of the camera at dim light is good. Due to the fact that the lens is prime lens, the performance of this lens is quite good. If 50mm 1,8G or 85mm 1,8G lenses are used with this body, I cannot imagine the performance result. In addition, the ISO performance of D600 is better than D700’s although it is 24MP camera. It is because of the renewed processor.

I started to use the U1 and U2 buttons that are in D7000. I saved the landscape to U1 and portrait settings to U2. I do not need to configure those settings separately, I can manage them with a button.

I use some basic settings. I took the photos as NEF+Jpeg(basic). I also use single point focusing instead of 39-point ones and configure the whiteness as 5200k.

There is a disadvantage in this camera. It may be recovered with the upcoming software but I cannot get used to that the ISO button is under the right hand on the camera. I may not want to take a shot with using both of my hands. This issue has been argued according to my research with my phone when I got in the ferry. It may not be so important but I found how to use one of the buttons on the front part of the camera as ISO. However, I think using Record button on the top of the Nikon D4 as ISO in photo mode.

Let’s talk with some photos. There is only changes of whiteness in the photos below.


D600 first photo

Everything and photos are clearly seen. I strongly suggest the D600 to everyone. I will continue to share my similar experiences.

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