Does Canon 5D Worth to Buy? How Do I Take Portrait Photos?

The question in the title has still been one of the frequently asked questions. Actually the answer of this question is absolutely “Yes”. I will try to explain in detail as a user of Canon EOS 5D.

First of all, we need to look in detail of full frame factor. If you are taking portrait photos, you absolutely need a full frame camera. You get bigger depth of field with the full frame cameras. You also need to make flu the background of your photos to emphasize your subject, the people of whose you take some photos. To do it, we buy variety of lenses, satisfy with some of them or not. However the thing is to have a good camera body. EOS 5D is also one of the good alternative cameras.

People who are new in photography may think that it is a new camera. It is not appropriate to compare this camera with others in aspect of their features. When we look at the features of 5D, it is seen that there is no more feature than full frame.

Which features do we need in camera?

– Smooth exposure

– Good auto focusing.

– Smooth sharpness

– Enough focusing point

– Enough speed

– Being good in ISO

Of course these features are not the features that new photographer can comment about them. You should know how much you need these features. These features may not  be seen in some camera review sites. They are changeable according to people.

Which Settings Do I Use While Taking Portrait Photos?

– I am using a full frame body whatever its brand is.

– As metering, I frequently use evaluative metering but if there is a light coming from the background, I use spot metering.

– I select the auto focus point in the middle and I never change it.

– I use focus locking in every shoot.

– I follow the rules such as 1/3 in frame.

– If I am not in hurry or something like that, I work in Manual mode.

– I try to shoot in the correct exposure; I do not prefer bracketing in exposure.

– I know my equipments well and I do not use them in some ISO values that I can get bad values (e.g. I did not prefer to go more than ISO 1250 in my 5D)

– Speed is not important for me; it is enough to take a shot in a second.

* All of those settings are valid in situation in which I don’t use external light.

As you can see, needs and cameras are clearly seen. EOS 5D is also one of them.

What are the drawbacks of EOS 5D?

– Sensor is very easy to get dirt. Yes it is but it is not problem for me because I can edit those dusts with Photoshop easily with just one click.

– Higher values than ISO 1250 are not appropriate. I am not in hurry, I don’t need to work at nights or in weak-lightened environments. If I have no chance, I take those photos in 1.8 aperture and use tripod (I don’t like to do like that)

– Menu in this camera is not enough. I do not use menu because aperture and shutter speed can be adjust with some buttons on the camera. I just use the menu when I do not take RAW pictures.

– There is no Turkish language option in menu. Language is not important for photographers that know what to do well.

– No internal flash light; I can’t understand this issue and I think that Canon made a mistake.

We are still using Canon 5D and for weddings and for whose that are curiou;, we are using 24-70 lens in wedding shoots. I have never been disappointed with this camera. You can see some of my photos below. Those photos were taken with different lenses but I got the thing that I think.

If you can find a good one as a second-hand for 1300TL (600$), do not hesitate to buy it. You won’t regret.

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