Fashion and Regular Wear Advices for Men

I wanted to write about how men should wear because of the fact that I always want to wear elegant and attractive. I do not apply the things I wrote or I can’t but I will mention about the mistakes that are done frequently and combination of the colors. I also should say that the advices that I will give are more appropriate for the men who are similar to me. If you are fatter or thinner than me, it would not be compatible with you. It is because that I am telling my own experiences in my own blog.

Before writing, I give the sizes of my body

Body Height: 184 cm

Body Weight 77 kg

My article will be targeted on the men that have similar or thinner body sizes.

I will explain step by step to make my article clear:erkek_moda7

– To be elegant, you do not need to wear from popular brands:

In Turkey, there is a common belief (caused by media maybe): Good wearing is wearing from popular brands. It is completely wrong. If you go abroad, you can clearly see how good men are wearing without any popular brands.

– Do not wear for brand:

It may be the most disguising thing. T-shirts that are written GAP and shoes that have huge Nike logo. Have you ever seen those kinds of things on the most elegant men? If you do not want to advertise, avoid those kinds of attires.

– You must have a style:

Fashion may not be appropriate for you. You do not need to string along the fashion. The only thing that you need to do is to select or create a style. Serious or casual? Sport or Retro? Choose one of them of which one is more appropriate for you and make continue it. For example, if you are more likely to wear in Rock style, you should wear the T-shirt that is in gray, black, and white colors. People who are aware of your style say “Tahir doesn’t wear it, we should buy that and that instead of that.”

erkek_moda1– Wearing in same colors doesn’t mean to be elegant:

To wear in same colors without being boring, you can select different tones of the color. In this way you can be austerity and elegant. As an example, bright blue shirt, dark blue jeans or gray t-shirt and black trousers. When you use the different tones of the same color, you will start to trust yourself more.

– If you want to be spectacular use contrast colors

It is said “Harmony is nice but boring. Contrast is nice and teasing.” It means that wearing in same colors can be nice but if you choose the colors that are compatible with each other and contrast, you will be spectacular. As an example, green wooly with tile red trousers or white t-shirt with black trousers.

– It is not hard to select appropriate colors, let’s look at the nature:

Nature serves the best combinations of color to us. In Autumn and Winter we can see more faded colors while we can see more lively and hot colors in Spring and Summer. Please look at the brown body of the tree with the green grass, yellow leaves with the blue sky, the colors of the flowers with the color of their body, the color of the soil and the plants’. All of them can be inspiring for you.

Identify your body, wear appropriately:erkek_moda8

Everything you see on TV cannot be appropriate for you. If you have some extra weights, avoid wearing fit attires that have horizontal stripes. The vertical stripes make you seen thinner and taller. If you don’t have fit and athletic body, please avoid wearing leather jacket and blouse. Otherwise you will be impulsive.

Do not wear the attires that have same patterns:

It is the mistake that I have always encountered with. Do not prefer the striped shirt with the striped jerkin or tie. The patterns that are used more than once at the same time can be tiring for our eyes. The important thing is pure and elegant look.

You should have the T-shirts that are plain and V-necked

Although V necked t-shirts are known as Jessie, you can prefer them for wide shoulders. With claret red trousers and black boots, you will look quite elegant. Do not forget the accessories for your arm.

Shoes are quite important:

Shoes are the first things that most people pay attention to. Therefore you should select shoes that are completely compatible with your attire. Every man has a pair of shoes that are in black, brown, and gray. You can also prefer some colorful ones. For example, ginger trousers can be seen elegant with green shoes.

While you are buying a new jean, consider the type of your leg

If you have coarse legs, avoid slim fit jeans. If you have knock knees, avoid bootcuts. If you have big stomach, avoid low-slung ones. Tight trousers are not elegant for men. To take the lowest risk is to wear the jean that is slightly low-slung but getting wider after the calves.

erkek_moda2Accessories are quite important:

You can garnish the simple attires with some accessories. Leather wristband or weal or scarf can be elegant with just black jeans and t-shirt. Do not say “too expensive” for accessories. You must have some accessories and wear belt.

Do not seem funny while you are trying to be seen Retro

Being seen Retro has been popular in recent days. Please do not seem funny as people who prefer the tracksuit of wrestling team of Hungary.

I cannot finish my article without adding some short sentences;

– Be clean, smell nice

– Take care of your hair

– Identify all of the color,  o know anthracite, gun-metal gray, mustard yellow, tile red and turquoise instead of knowing just black, white, red and blue.

– Do not let your leg to be seen from your socks

– Do not wear white socks

– Prefer plain socks, colorful or socks with pattern are always risk

– Follow the internet, for example: